Achieve the Proper Plane and Impact of Your Golf Swing

Plane is a very difficult thing to understand for the average golfer. In Lehman’s Terms: The club needs to travel around our body on the correct pitch in order for all of us to have great club to ball contact and centerness of contact.

Let’s think about the shaft in terms of a vertical plane and a horizontal plane on the backswing. If you took the shaft and pitched it straight up in the air that would be considered a vertical plane, just the opposite if you took the shaft and pitched it horizontal to the ground that would be the horizontal plane. In between vertical and horizontal we need to pitch the shaft as golfers on that plane. That would mean that the shaft for most of our clubs needs to point at the ball line.

When I say ball line remember that there are two lines in golf at address. We have our body lines and the ball line or target line. Think of those two lines as railroad tracks, they are parallel two each other. When we take the club back, we need to pitch the club at the target line.

The reason for this is that the where the butt end of the club is pointed the club head will travel in that direction. So it’s fair to say that simple physics tell us that the club head travels handle over head.

As we get to our longer clubs the butt end of the club will point straight behind us on a full swing. If you can rehearse this on the back swing you will begin to strike the ball more solidly and meet the number one goal of playing golf is to control distance. Lets talk now about impact!

Remember that when we impact a golf ball the shaft should be leaning forward or towards the target more then where we began at address. I say that for our mid irons and shorter irons.

The one thing that should change from longer clubs to shorter clubs is the width of our stance. This allows the club to be de-lofted more for our lofted irons and mid irons than with our long irons and woods.

In order to achieve good club to ball contact the club must be traveling down in order to create a descending blow. This allows us to contact the ball solidly and control distance, which is our number on goal. It will also help you with directional control as well.

Thank you for allowing me to impact your golf game.