Avid Golfer Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors

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Stephen Curry had a brilliant season winning the NBA’s MVP award and leading his team to the NBA Finals and winning it all. It turns out that golf might have given Curry and the Warriors a big assist along the way. The Warriors were down 2-1 in their playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies when they found themselves with an off day on the schedule. After a long film session, Curry and teammate Andre Iguodala joined a pair of team staffers in grabbing some rental clubs and teeing it up at Mirimichi Golf Course, formerly owned by entertainer Justin Timberlake, outside Memphis. While Curry says he didn’t play that well – only 1 birdie – the round did a world of good, and the Warriors won the next three games to take the series. Warriors coach Steve Kerr endorsed the golf outing. “I don’t know if he played during his career, but golf is our hobby, and it kind of refreshes you,” Curry told the San Jose Mercury News. “When he gives us an off-day , most coaches would say ‘Get away from the game or do whatever you want.’ He actually mentions golf: “Go out, go play some golf” Sounds like some solid advice regardless of your day job.